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Congressman Kevin Yoder

Representing the 3rd District of Kansas

Bipartisan House Majority Passes Defense Authorization & Largest Pay Raise for Troops in Eight Years

Jul 14, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC  – This morning, Representative Kevin Yoder (R-KS) and a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives voted to pass the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) by a vote of 344-81. The legislation authorizes $695.9 billion for the Department of Defense (DoD) to fully fund our military so it can protect and defend the United States.

“Over most of the last decade, our military has seen its budget cut by nearly 25 percent while it maintained combat operations in Afghanistan and other areas around the world fighting al Qaeda and ISIS,” Representative Yoder said. “Congress has committed to rebuilding our military and giving our troops the pay, benefits, and resources they need to continue their mission as the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen, and this bill fulfills that commitment.

“Cutting our defense budget as the world became an increasingly dangerous place was always a mistake and sent the wrong signal to our allies that we were no longer ready to lead. This bill takes a major step towards reversing that course and we are meeting the needs of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. We’re giving them their biggest pay raise in eight years – the pay raise they’ve earned, but had been denied for far too long.

“The men and women of our military sacrifice so much to protect America and our freedoms. Today, we are doing everything we can to protect them.”

Bill Summary:

  • PAY RAISE FOR TROOPS: Provides a 2.4 percent pay raise our troops – the largest pay raise in eight years – and extends special pay and bonuses.
  • HELPS MILITARY FAMILIES: Provides resources to help families manage challenges that come with frequent relocations in the military, like reimbursements for spouses to obtain licensing or certification in new state.
  • REBUILDS THE MILITARY: Increasing the size of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Army Guard and Reserve, Naval and Air Reserve, and Air Guard.
  • IMPROVES READINESS: Increases funding for equipment maintenance, increased training opportunities, and sustaining, restoring, and modernizing facilities.
  • MODERNIZES DEFENSE SYSTEMS: Enhances our nuclear weapons stockpile, missile defense, and our defensive and offensive cybersecurity strategy.
  • KEEPS TERRORISTS OFF US SOIL: Prohibits transferring detainees from Guantanamo Bay to military bases in the United States like Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.
  • BUILDS UPON DOD REFORMS: Updates the military retirement system, improves the military health care system, makes commissary benefits more efficient and sustainable, and overhauls bureaucracy.
  • INCREASES OVERSIGHT: Adds oversight to service contracts by requiring the Pentagon to analyze actual needs and spending patterns.
  • LOWERS COSTS: Allows the Pentagon to use online commercial sites like Amazon to purchase goods at a lower price, quicker, and in a more transparent process.
  • IMPROVES AUDITING PROCESS: Uses more efficient, cost-effective private sector companies to audit incurred costs to reap real benefits for the taxpayers.
  • UPDATES UCMJ: Prohibits non-consensual sharing of intimate images.